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The original version of this song can be found on Boy Goliath's 2014 album "Northcountry"


Yea, the bark learned to grow higher up on the trees.
Couldn't stand to hear me yelling at the birds and the bees.
But the branches came around, tried to calm me down,
but I scratched and kicked until I was free.

I was lost in the forest with my hands growing cold.
I couldn't feel my brain under all of that snow,
and the wind felt warm as I froze.
Yea, the wind felt warm as I froze.

I listened to her scream in different prose and different verse,
singing me to sleep, soft enough it didn't hurt.
Like a prick on my arm, yea, she smiled, said "Come along,"
so I yelled and ran until my legs didn't work.

Civilization, why did you bury me?
And constant stimulation: repeat, repeat, repeat.
It's neverending.
It's neverending.

What did Mercedes say to make me buy her cars?
Yea, she told me I'm a sellout, said you'll learn to love sports bars.
So, buy your Tracy Chapman because you won't get far.
Between here and the woods the road's got pothole and scars.

So, relax and lay back.
Take a load of those knees.
No one will know you're gone, not even the birds and the bees.
Said, "Don't worry, just listen.
Take your pills and remedies.
Forget about the road, the wind, the bark, and the trees."

But I want to remember.
Oh, I just want more.
I want to travel from the desert
to the western shore.
I want to see lions and elephants.
I want to drop from the sky.
I want to live out of tents.
I want to see love.
I want to see war.
I want to see hunger.
Oh, I just want more.
I want to feel the wind on the back of my eye.
I wan to hear the leaves whistle.
I want to watch the snow cry.

I want to watch the grass grow.
I want to plant my own seeds.
I want to go home.
I miss the birds and the bees. / I miss the Northcountry.


from josie & THE NEVERENDING SADNESS, released June 7, 2017
Lyrics by Mike Bruns



all rights reserved


josie & THE NEVERENDING SADNESS Potsdam, New York

Liam Kingsley - Banjo, Vocals
Devyn Halter - Mandolin, Singing Saw, Melodica, etc.
Mike Bruns - Guitar, Vocals
Israel Payero-Cabral - Upright Bass
Sam Lasky - Percussion
Bobby Rosato - Trumpet, etc.
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